Local Spotlight: The Broad Street Market

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Broad Street Market is a midtown landmark that is experiencing rapid growth. My dear friend Beth Taylor took over as Market Manager late last year and she has helped to usher in a lot of changes. From new vendors to kid-friendly spaces, The Market is noticeably fresher and brighter. If you haven’t been to The Market recently, you are missing out on a great shopping experience and the some of the yummiest local treats.

Beth has amazing personal style and has been an inspiration to me since we were lucky enough to meet in birth class four years ago. When you visit The Market, you can feel how her style is infusing into this vibrant community space. 

"I have always had a deep love and respect for old buildings" said Beth. "Since our market houses are the oldest continuously operated market house in the Nation it is an honor to bring them back to the glory that they once were. Deep cleaning, adding some modern amenities for our modern customers, and the families that visit us, and overall making it a space where you want to do your weekly shopping, stop for a bite to eat and gather as a community are my main goals. The simple things also make it a place where the vendors are happy to house their business and they are all such wonderful people - we are a big, diverse family working together towards success."

My family went to The Market last Friday and visited a few of our favorite vendors. Evanilla is usually our first stop, especially with a couple of toddlers along. Eva makes amazing gourmet cake doughnuts with lovely flavors such as caramel lavender and orange with candied orange peel. 

Right next to Evanilla is Elementary Coffee. Elementary uses a pour over method to prepare their freshly roasted coffee and offers some stand-out specialty drinks. My personal favorite is The Abacus with flavors of wild cardamom and maple syrup. 

Elementary is flanked on the other side by Radish & Rye. Radish & Rye carries only locally grown and produced food and I can tell you that the breads from McGrath’s Bakehouse are delicious. You can also find other local favorites here such as coffee beans from One Good Woman in Camp Hill and spice blends from Callicuts in Lemoyne. 

Also in “the brick building” is Hummers Meats. If you ask my family, Ryan Hummer carries the hands-down best cold cuts. We particularly love his slicing pepperoni and my kids are usually asking for a few beef sticks to munch on as we finish our market shopping. 

Long-time market goers will notice some of the biggest changes happening in “the stone building.”. The space is cleaner, brighter and busier with new vendors like Phyllo and Mel’s Rock ‘n BBQ recently completing new permanent spaces. I asked Beth about what else is in store for the stone market.

"What's happening in the stone market house is very exciting" said Beth. "We are creating a wonderful food hall full of quality and diverse food options. When I first came on board we had only a few vendors housed in the stone market but the set up and atmosphere didn't do them any justice. Bringing in natural light, replacing many of the overhead bulbs (a project that continues) and bringing in more vendors is reestablishing the stone market as a place where you want to eat and discover - whether it is grabbing lunch with friends or picking up take out for dinner on your way home. In the coming months we are adding Indian Food, a full European bakery, Italian pizzas and paninis and a few more are in the works towards a full market once more."

After our shopping was complete, my family sat down with some of Mel’s BBQ. We had the mouth-watering pulled pork and my son loudly told everyone around us that “I love BBQ!” At $10 for a platter with a sandwich, two side dishes and a drink, it’s a pretty great deal too. All of the meats are smoked on-site and served with the sauce on the side as the meat should “speak for itself”. It surely does. 

Of course, no Central Pennsylvania market would be complete without some of the classics like the buttery soft pretzels, juicy local apples, amazingly fresh seafood and some tasty popcorn.

We'll be back at the market this weekend. We hope to see you there.

Since our market houses are the oldest continuously operated market house in the Nation it is an honor to bring them back to the glory that they once were.
— Beth Taylor, Market Manager

The Broad Street Market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is located at 1233 North Third Street. More information can be found at www.broadstreetmarket.org