Our Guest Bath Remodel - Planning and Tips

Hello friends, it's been a while! Admittedly, the blog has been much neglected this year. When it's May and your last post is about Holiday baking (eek!), you know that it's time to jump back in. I'm feeling inspired and this year I'm hoping to bring you even more content including sharing my passion for interiors, more highlights of local gems like my favorite shops and interviews with amazing makers and artists.

I'm excited to share the plans for first big remodel in our current home - our guest bath. When we moved into our 1947 ranch about two years ago we knew that this would be one of the first really big projects that we would have to tackle. There was pretty obvious water damage in this room - so much so that our plumber recommended that we not use the old shower at all - so up until now, this bath has served as a powder room.

The before's are too bad aesthetically, but all of the damage was lurking underneath piles and piles of plaster, wire mesh, bad vinyl flooring and tile. 

You can see that the shower was already partially demolished when I took these since we had attempted to retile the shower about a year ago only to find that THERE WERE NO STUDS IN THE WALLS since they had been eaten away from extreme water damage. So yeah, we put that project on the back burner, covered the shower with plastic to keep out kids and guests and affectionately dubbed this "The Murder Shower". Cute, right?

But, before we get to the construction breakdown, let's look at all of the pretty stuff.

I wanted the space to be modern and little bit traditional with a slight midcentury vibe. This bathroom from Design Sponge served as the primary inspiration for the space.

Photo by Paige French and Chris Isham for Design Sponge  

Photo by Paige French and Chris Isham for Design Sponge 

I love the simplicity of the classic black and white tile as well as the thoughtful mix of materials and accessories. Our home is a strange mix of a formal Pennsylvania stone ranch and a California Modern ranch so after much searching and Pinning, this felt like the right direction.

As my husband Chris worked on the demo, I put together a mood board for the space to clarify my ideas and give us a good starting point. I've become a big, big fan of developing mood boards. It saves me a ton of time and helps to keep us and our team on point - even our contractors. I make all of my boards in Keynote and then export them to a PDF that we hang on the wall for reference.

Since we don't have room for a pretty clawfoot tub like the inspiration room, the Kohler Brockway Sink was my first choice for the space. I knew I loved these sinks since I had seen them at the incredible Foxfire Mountain House and the cast iron enamel is a timeless yet modern look. Bonus - this sink is a major space saver in our small footprint. 

We went with a porcelain matte black hexagon tile for the floor and a large format white subway tile for the walls. For the inside of the shower floor and the shower niche we are using this marble hexagon tile from Home Depot. The ceiling will be a faux shiplap and since we are keeping the original V-groove wall cabinets on either side of the window, the shiplap will be installed to mimic the lines of those cabinets. 

The more permanent fixtures in the space like the sink faucets, the shower fixtures and the shower door handles will all be in a warm stainless. We are bringing in some mixed metals with this light fixture from Cedar and Moss as well as brass accessories and knobs (see source list below). 


We almost have all of the materials and fixtures ready and waiting for installation - yeah our garage is pretty full right now! In regards to the sourcing, I wanted to share a huge tip on saving both time and money with this kind of remodel.

When you are finding and buying all of your materials yourself, something like this can easily become very overwhelming. I saved myself a ton of time and money by working with one supplier for the majority of our purchases - Build.com. I used the company's live chat feature and worked with one customer service representative for all of our purchases including the Kohler sink and faucets, the Delta Shower trim kit and valves, our Tile Redi shower pan, drain assembly, Kohler soap dish and the vent fan. Build.com beat any advertised price that I could find and also worked with me to get the very best price possible on their already low prices with free shipping and no tax. The whole process was a breeze and we saved hundreds of dollars. This is in no way sponsored, I just really love the service that they offer and wanted to pass along that tip!

I have a few other fun projects for the bathroom in the works like custom artwork and that DIY shiplap ceiling that I'm excited to share with you as well as all of the construction details. In the meantime, here is the list of sources for the mood board. 

This week our tile board and drywall is going up and I'm pretty darn excited! It feels like we are inching towards actually finishing this thing!

xx, Sara